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The Epic High Altitude Display of Sibinacocha Lake

After a full day of adventures on another memorable road trip in Peru, we made the final ascent past Sibinacocha Lake. It is not too often that we go past the same attraction twice, as we usually continue our way to the next destination.

In the case, our journey through the Inca Road of Qhapaq Ñan was only a day trip. Without a complete loop to take us back to our stay in Sicuani, the only option was to turn around and reverse the journey.

With the views offered by the day trip, no one was disappointed to spend another several hours basking in the scenery. However, it had been a long day and we knew that the drive home would not allow for as many stops as we made on the way up. The windy dirt roads were not a place we wanted to be found after dark or with a change of inclement weather.

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