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Skyscanner Flight Deals October 17, 2017

Unique flight deals for everyone in the USA, CANDA, and UK this week! Amazing international sales departing from the USA, sure to cure everyone’s wanderlust. Cuba, China, Spain, or Australia sound appealing?
In the UK, now is the time to cash in on the WOW Promo Code deals that end in just 2 days!! Already booked a flight for winter or spring? Did you make your travel plan with RyanAir? Be sure to read the important updated on 18,000 flights they have canceled between the months of November and March.
All the peep in Canada, listen up and learn a little more about the small company PORTER Airlines! Worth doing a little reading and booking for this carrier that currently has sales for flights within the country and to the USA.
Read below for content highlighted in blue to take you to the deals you want to read about now.

USA: Dreaming of Havana Nights? Shanghai, Barcelona, or the Outback? ALL of these locations are on sale right now for between $250-500!!

UK: Save with the WOW Promo Code: 2 Days Left to Book Flights with 20% to USA, and Iceland!
Special Addition: If you have booked a flight with RyanAir between the months of November and March, please be aware that the company has now cancelled 18,000 flights for that timer period!! Skysanner put together this article to help you find out if your flight was cancelled, and how to get your refund if it was!

CANADA: Book super deals right now to anywhere in Canada and in the USA with Porter Airlines Flight Sale! You may not have flown with this small carrier before, but don’t miss it based on that! Last year it received recognition as the one of the TOP 10 International airlines by Travel and Leisure Magazine!
*I am an Ambassador for Skyscanner. When you book through my links, my traveling family gains points that accrue towards travel perks and/or monetary compensation. This never, ever costs you extra money, but it might help you save a bundle! Plus, when you book with us, you help our family to keep on traveling, too! Thanks a bunch to all of you who choose to support our family in this manner!

Skyscanner Travel Deals for October 2, 2017

Skyscanner Travel Deals for October 2, 2017

It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to work on my Skyscanner affiliation! Due to some setbacks with the health of our son, I have prioritized his recovery over online work. But, after a few long months, he has finally recovered! So, back to business as usual.

Some of you might already know that in previous months I was added as a writer for the Skyscanner News team. I can’t express my thanks enough for their support and encouragement during my temporary hiatus. So excited to get back to work with such an amazing company that stood by our family in our time of need.

My most recent article was published last week, and you can read that here: How to Visit Ecuador Beyond the Galapagos


And now, for the best flight deals of the week for my friends in the US, UK, and CANADA. I personally select and post these deals to share with you all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get these post directly to your inbox! If you are in another region, please reach out and I can add Skyscanner deals that appeal to you on this list.


USA:  Cheap Flight Deals for under $200, both Round Trip and Direct

Deals to all major US Cities, Montreal, Mexico City, and San Juan! Way too many flights to list them all. Certainly, something for everyone for under $200!


UK: Cheap Flights for Winter City Breaks

Tons of deals from Edinburg and London, plus many other flights from the UK with $XX prices on returns!

Nottingham to Berlin, Birmingham to Bulgaria, Edinburg to Poland, London to France, Bristol to Venice,

CANADA: Tons of Alerts for Flight and Hotel Deals that publish on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Full of tips and tricks for booking and savings on travel from 30-60% off! Read all about the best hotels, hotel credit cards, and hotel rewards programs to be apart before the sales hit! These days are said the be the BEST time of the year for booking for Canadians. Most deals with be for hotel rooms, but flight deals will also be appearing on these days!

*I am an Ambassador for Skyscanner. When you click through, sign up for services, book flights, hotels, or car rentals through me: I gain points that accrue toward travel perks and/or compensation for my travel family. This does not ever cost you extra money, but just might help you find an incredible travel deal. In addition, you help to support our nomadic family! Thanks to all of you who continue to lift us up in all of the many ways that you do!



Skyscanner Weekly Travel Deals July 21st

Skyscanner Weekly Travel Deals July 21st

High Season Travel is Not Impossible Travel

Never a dull moment for peak season travel deals! It’s not true that you can’t find a good deal, a weekend, or holiday flight…just because you are booking in the high season!

This week, the UK is on fire with stellar kick-off the summer flights. Deals from 13 Major UK cities for under 20 Pounds! In Canada, we are still seeing hot seat sales for booking round trip international flights. Cancun, Bangkok or Las Vegas anyone?! And last but not least, USA…it is STILL an awesome time to book to Iceland..and also Beijing and Belize!

USA: Round Trip Flight Deals!

Cheap flights from 5 Major USA Cities!

“Looking for the best flight prices for your next trip? Skyscanner’s expert sources grab the latest deals from our more than 1,200 direct partners, providing you everyday the cheapest flight deals available in the market and the best value for your money.”

A sample of current the flight deals:

New York to Beijing from $614

Miami to Belize for $198

LA to Chicago for $118!!

Chicago to Iceland for $300!

UK: Beach Holiday Flights for Under 20 Pounds!!

Cheap flights from 13 major UK cities!

“Summer is nearly here! Do you plan on staying put, or do you fancy guaranteed sunshine and beautiful beaches? Don’t risk it, especially when last minute summer sun deals as good as these are waiting to be had!”

A few examples of flights in this sale:

Liverpool to Ireland from 27 Pounds!

Heathrow to Spain from 49 Pounds!

Bristol to France from 31 Pounds


CANADA: Round Trip Canada Seat Sales


 Cheap Flights Departing from CA in July-November

Travel more, spend less. Skyscanner hand-picks the top deals in the weekly Canada seat sale, updated every Wednesday to ensure you get the best prices always. Big savings with these weekly airfare deals from cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and more to travel all over the world.”

A few flights included in the special!

Toronto to Brussels from $538 CA

Montreal to Cancun from $392 CA

Vancouver to Bangkok from $496

Calgary to San Diego from $363

Edmonton to London from $712

Quebec City to Las Vegas from $454

 *Words in quotations are credited to the Skyscanner websites.

*We are ambassadors for Skyscanner. When you book through our links we gain points that accrue towards perks for our full time traveling family. It does not EVER cost you an addition fee to book through us. But, doing so does offer us support in our journey, and just might help you score an awesome travel deal! If you need additional help with booking, feel free to contact us via our Facebook Fan Page!

Weekly Skyscanner Flight Deals for UK, USA and Canada

Weekly Skyscanner Flight Deals July 7, 2017 for UK, USA, and Canada!

It’s hard to say where the better flight deals are this week! The competition is fierce! From the UK…get ready for an adventure to Barcelona, Marseilles, or Dubai! In you reside in the USA: pack your bags for stellar deals to Iceland, Rome, Copenhagen, or London…just to name a few! And Canada, we didn’t forget you!  Now is a great time to make plans for Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, and Vegas. Or for a little more, head to New Delhi, Amsterdam, or Paris!

Don’t forget, these are weekly deals! They won’t last long. These prices are good for the week or until they sell out…whichever comes first! If these places are what you’ve been dreaming of, don’t hesitate to book the best deals now.

If you didn’t know, Skyscanner works by comparing the best deals from all major online booking companies. Using Skyscanner saves you the hassle of comparison shopping by doing all of the hard work for you. No preference for any particular company, and no added on fees either! I personally love this feature…less work, more travel! Yay!



Last Minute Flight Packages from 283 Pounds

Packages are prices that include both flight and accommodations.

Head to Barcelona for one week for 487 Pounds per person! Last minute booking for the final week of July only!

Or Marseilles for 283 Pounds per person, leaving in less than 2 weeks!

Even better? Take the whole family to Dubai for a 2 weeks stay starting in mid August for 2950 Pounds. Prices reflect booking for a family of four.


Round Trip Flight Deals from from $100-400!

To Copenhagen, Paris, Rome, London, and Iceland for between $300-400!

Or to Miami, Dallas, or Denver for $100-150!



Seat Sales for Round Trip International Flights from July-October

Fly to the Cayman Islands, Vegas, or Hawaii in the $400-500 range.

Or to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, or New Delhi in the $700 bracket.

Plus, many, many more destinations!


Not quite what you were looking for?

Check out Skyscanner’s SEARCH EVERYWHERE feature, to find the best flight for your destination!

Skyscanner Deals for the Week of June 22, 2017

Skyscanner Deals for the Week of June 22, 2017

This is a really good week for all my friends planning flights RIGHT NOW! Regardless of whether you want to leave next week or mid-fall….there is something here for everyone.

I plan this weekly section based on demand from my readers in the USA, Canada, and the UK. If you are flying from a different region, please feel free to contact me on our Facebook page and I would be a happy to help you out as well!


USA: Cheap Round Trip Tickets to Europe, Departing July-October

Stellar round trip flight deals for those who book just a little in advance! Especially great prices to Iceland! Also: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Barcelona…just to name a few!


UK: Last Minute Holiday Packages from 205 Pounds!

These hot deals include flights and hotel combined and for last minute trips in JULY!  St. Lucia for 666 Pound per person. Croatia for 502 Pounds per person. And Hamburg, Germany for just 205 Pounds per person.

CANADA: Flight Deals to Asia

What’s not to love about 40% off round trip tickets to Asia!! Where do you want to go? Bangkok for $851, BALI for $840, Singapore for $607, Beijing for $765….and many, many more!

àIn addition, I just had my first travel article published on Skyscanner: Take a New Travel Adventure with Agro-ecotourism in Ecuador. I am really proud of this accomplishments, and I would love it my loyal blog readers would check it out. ß



Skyscanner Deals Week of July 15, 2017

It’s great week to be from the UK! Amazing travel packages for a family for 1 week in Ibiza, a week in Faro, or for a trip to Miami!! Deal includes flights and hotel booking.

If you are in Canada, you have great timing if you have been procrastinating! Superb round trip flight deals in the mix this week for last-minute bookings.

For those in the USA, get ready for a getaway! Bahama, Cancun, Grand Cayman anyone??

Below are the links to all of these great travel deals…and MORE!

USA: Great prices this week on flights to Mexico City, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Cancun and many North American Cities as well!

Not quite the place you were dreaming of?

Try the Search Everywhere Tool for the USA, to find the best flight deals right now

CANADA: Awesome ROUND TRIP, last minute flights to book before the end of July! Great prices to Cancun, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and many other North American cities!

Looking for a different destination?

Try the Search Everywhere Tool for Canada, to find the best flight deals right now

UK: Last Minute Holiday Packages (Flights + Hotel) for Under 378 Pounds. How about 1 week in Ibiza for a family for 4? A week in Faro? OR some fun in the Miami Sun?

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Try the Search Everywhere Tool for the UK, to find the best flight deals right now


*We are ambassadors for Skyscanner, our exclusive membership to the Elite program allows us to bring you travel deals every single week. When you book with us, we gain points that accrue towards travel perks for our full-time traveling family. This never, ever costs you extra…but, it just might save you a bunch. Plus, it helps us a whole lot! Win/Win for everyone J Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via email to catch every single deal!

Weekly Skyscanner Deals June 9, 2017

Don’t miss out on all of these super, special prices for my friends traveling from the USA, Canada, and the UK!

So, where do you want to go my American friends?! I spy some super deals to Cancun, Copenhagen, Ft. Lauderdale, Ontario, New Orleans, and Las Vegas!!

Don’t believe me? All of these for between $46 and $297!!

Check them out –>USA: Weekly Flight Deals

To all of you lovelies in the UK, It looks like it’s time to hit the beach!

Where do you want to go for under 30 Pounds?! Too many destinations to name them all, but how about Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool, or Glasgow to name a few!

Take a Closer Look –> UK: Beach Holidays For Less than 30 Pounds

And finally, for my favorite Canadians, Let’s start planning for some fun in August!

Honestly the sky is the limit on these international deals! I honestly don’t know how you will pick your favorite place!

But, cheapest on the list are flights to the USA, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and Bahamas!!

Start Booking Now –> Canada: Cheapest Places to Fly to in August


Not quite what you are looking for? Why not try out the Skyscanner App to track your own flights and travel plans? You can get it here!


*We are Amabassadors for Skyscanner. This post contains affiliate links. This means that when you book through our links, we gain points that accrue towards travel perks for our traveling family! These offers come at no extra cost to you, and might even save you a bundle! (Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to receive these deals every week when they post)



Weekly Skycanner Deals May 31- June 7th

Our Weekly Skyscanner Deals for the USA, UK, and CANADA!

*We are Amabassadors for Skyscanner. This post contains affiliate links. This means that when you book through our links, we gain points that accrue towards travel perks for our traveling family! These offers come at no extra cost to you, and might even save you a bundle! (Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to receive this deal every week when they post)

USA: Round Trip Flights Under $200

UK: Last Minute Holiday Packages for Under 137 Pounds

CANADA: Canada Day Weekend Getaway Ideas