Who We Are

We are an Expat family turned Nomads. In 2016, we left behind our life in Iowa, USA to live abroad in Ecuador. We brought with us our two young kids and our two big mutts.

After a year abroad, we found ourselves in awe of the personal growth and evolution of our family. Through travel and expat experiences, we realized that we thrive most while on the go.


We then made the decision to make travel our lifestyle. Rather than practicing serial expatry, we chose to give up a brick and mortar home for life on the road.

In May 2017, we moved into our modified camping vehicle, a 1984 Land Cruiser FJ60. We call her Magma. Our life optimizes slow travel and camping on a permanent basis. We plan to travel all of South America, visiting every single country as overlanders in our full-time vanlife. We expect this route to take us approximately 2.5 years to complete.