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If you want to learn how to use the Best App for Cheap Fights out there, take your cues from a passionate and educated Skyscanner insider, like me. I started working with Skyscanner over a year ago as a freelance travel writer and brand ambassador. The program is a type of affiliate program, so that means I do get credit if you click through to any of the links in this post. Just think of it as a way to say Thank You! Afterall, I am about to share my top secrets for using Skyscanner. Yet, I am not just another random blogger trying to cash in. I actually do hold the knowledge of just how you can make this app work best for you.

When  I first started with the program, the first thing I did was test it out with my friends, family, and connections in numerous travel groups on Facebook. Afterall, the best education out there comes from practical knowledge. My self-training method was so effective that within a few weeks I was completely convinced that the Skyscanner App is definitely the best app for cheap flights. Hands down, there really is no comparison to what Skyscanner can do for you. If..and that is one big IF, you know how to use it.

Why is the Skyscanner App Better Than the Skyscanner Website?

The first thing most people ask me when it comes to Skyscanner: Is it necessary to download the app? Well in short, no. You don’t NEED to download the app. You can do everything online. But, the app just makes everything easier. We all love easier, don’t we? The latest version of the app is particularly amazing because it lets you search flights, hotel, and car rentals all in one place. With the app, you can get notifications directly to your phone without having to log in or check your emails. It works in the same way that social media or texting does. You get a notification anytime something important happens relating to a purchase or if you opt-in for price alerts. Simple and easy. Notifications are very important on Skyscanner, especially if you are monitoring ticket prices. Skyscanner prices can change by the minute so it’s really important to commit to your purchase the very moment that you see an ultra-low price. If you hesitate, another purchaser will beat you to it. If you don’t see it until later, the super cheap flight will only bum you out if the last ticket at that price has already sold out. Trust me, get the app. It WILL save you money. But, make sure that you do opt-in for price alerts. If you don’t know how to set up price alerts, read this article for exact instruction.

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Finding Really Cheap Flights on the Best App for Cheap Flights

This is where the insider knowledge comes in. There are different ways to find the cheapest flights based on what kind of traveler you are. If that sounds a little crazy, bear with me. Think about all of the following questions and I will explain how they will impact the way that you should conduct your search for cheap flights on Skyscanner. Do you travel alone or with a family or group? Do you like to travel on a whim or with a lot of advance planning? Are you picky about your airline? Do mind long flights, red-eye flights, or massive layovers? Do you normally travel to one location at a time or to multiple locations as part of one trip? Do already know where you want to go when you look for flights or do you let the sales influence your destinations choice? Are you an international traveler or do you stay within your own borders? The Skyscanner App has many amazing tools to help you conduct your search for cheap flights, you just have to know which one will benefit your style of travel the most. These apps work the same way from the site as they do from the app, but for the purpose of this online article, I will explain everything with screenshots from the desktop.


Tips for Last-Minute Travelers

Booking last minute deals for cheap flights is Skyscanner’s specialty. In this sense, last-minute means anywhere between 1 week and 3 months prior to travel. In my experience and research, this time frame is generally the window when you can find the cheapest flights. Except during the high travel season of mid-June-mid August. During these times, I recommend booking flights 3-4 months prior. There are the three tools on the Skyscanner App that I find most useful for finding last-minute cheap flights.

The 1st tool is for ultra-last minute bookers. If you prefer or are willing to fly within the next 30 days, you simply must pay attention the Skyscanner Daily Flight Deals page. Bookmark this page and check it as often as possible. Nothing complicated about it, the page lists the lowest fares leaving from the USA every single day (if you are looking for flights originating elsewhere, stay tuned, I will cover that as well).  Keep in mind that they are often leftover seats on flights that need to sell soon. This means that sometimes you won’t be able to find bulk seats together. Meaning if you are booking for your family, you might only be able to purchase multiple tickets if you are willing to sit scattered throughout the plane. You can find flights in here for as soon as 72 hours later and sometimes not beyond 3 weeks later.

The 2nd tool is the Monthly Search feature. When you search for specific flights with a known departure and destination, simply hover over the departure and return dates. When the drop-down menu pops up, click over the ‘Whole Month’ rather than on ‘Specific Date.’ From there, click on search flights.

The next screen will show you either a calendar or a chart for the month you have selected. The green numbers show the lowest departure price, the orange shows the mid-range, and the red shows the highest prices. You must pick your departure date first, and then on the 2nd calendar or chart, you can see the options for a return flight with the same color system. This is probably my favorite search tool, it works best when you are looking for flights between 6 weeks and 3 months out. Generally, booking multiple tickets with this method seems to work out okay. The only catch is that you want to be sure you search at the beginning for the correct number of tickets you need if you are booking for a group. This ensures that only the flights are shown that still have that amount of seats available for purchase.

The 3rd search tool is the everywhere search. This Skyscanner tool is just amazing for those people who don’t know where they want to go, or even when they want to go. You can just type in your departure destination and let the list of flights around the entire world pop up before your eyes. The list highlights the cheapest locations to travel to during any specific month. Or,  you can select ‘Cheapest Month’ and let list tell you when you go to each said destination. So far, I have not found a limit on the dates you can select. It seems to be limitless between 1 week out and 6 months. It might be possible to look for dates farther out, although I don’t generally recommend booking flights on Skyscanner that are more than 6 months in advance. You can access the Everywhere Search easily right here.

Tips for Non-American Travelers

If you are not booking your departure flights from the USA, I have a great secret for you! I can’t believe that more travelers aren’t aware of it..but Skyscanner actually has dozens of sisters site designed for other nations. When you enter through such site, you can get your own flight deals populated specifically for your departure destinations. This includes flight sales from your national airlines, tips for the cheapest weekend getaways, articles for the best time to book and more. For example, the UK Skysanner site is Skyscanner.NET .The Skyscanner site for Canada is Skyscanner.CA . Countries in Latin America simply need to use Skyscanner.ES. The list goes on and on, simply go to google and search: Skyscanner + Country, and you find the site optimized for that specific country.

Extra Secrets for Finding Cheap Flights

Over time I have noticed some reoccurring trends after conducting thousands of flights searches. Typically flights sales come out on Fridays or Mondays, but you still find the cheapest flights on Tuesday or Wednesday. So basically, sales that come out on Friday that haven’t sold out by Tuesday are often reduced AGAIN. And sales that come out on Monday and haven’t sold out by Wednesday follow the same pattern.

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If you don’t mind flying on major holidays, these are excellent dates for getting reduced flights. But, the key is not booking them too far in advance or too late. My estimate is about 10 days to 3 weeks in advance is when these tickets start showing dramatically reduced prices. We are talking about American holidays or dates attached to superstition. Think September 11th and July 4th. People don’t like to fly on these days because they are afraid of the threat of terrorist attacks. Add Halloween in there as well, October 31st for other superstitious reasons. Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are also days when flights are generally not full to capacity as most people do not want to fly on those holidays. This means it is possible to find very cheap flights if you are willing to fly ON the holiday, but similar booking timelines are necessary. Look for these flights between 10 days and  3 weeks prior to travel.

And last but not least, flights on the redeye (midnight departures) and flights with super long layovers are usually the last to be picked by the general population. This means they are also the last to sell out and a high number of cheap flights include one of these two types of flights. Before you count them out, reconsider a few things. International flights on the redeye are perfect for sleeping. You don’t have to mess up your sleep habits, and you don’t have to pay for that night of hotel. Often you can arrive in a new city ready to start the day first thing in the morning. And for long layoever…opt in for layover that is anywhere from 8 hours to 48 hours. It might sound totally instance, but you just have to think outside the box. If the layover is in a great city, you can get a freebie excursion to a previously unintended stop. Make sure you check the Visa requirements though, or you won’t be able to leave the airport. But, if you plan it smartly you can use these long layovers to explore your layover destination. All without ever needing to buy a plane ticket to the said destination.

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