Ollantaytambo: The Best Ruins for Families in Peru

It’s been a while since we talked about ruins. To be honest, we were a bit “ruined” on ruins, if you know what I mean? But, it’s high time we talked about Ollantaytambo!

It happens in Peru. There are ruins everywhere and it’s hard to not want to see them all. We have been here for rmonths and I am sure by now we have literally seen dozens of them.

For the most part, all of them have not only been easy but also fun with the kids. The ceiling-free buildings and rock walls make for a lot of fun. Lots of hide and seek, pretend mazes, and sometimes climbing.

These are museums missing all of the characteristics of museums. They are outside, the kids can run and scream if they like. And of course, there are llamas everywhere.


Now that we have had a little time to rest from the ruins, enjoying the Colca Canyon and Arequipa, our minds are fresh and ready for assessment. When we talk about favorite ruins, all four of us think of Ollantaytambo followed by a very close second with Sondor.


Ollantaytambo is so easy to access and is much cheaper than Machu Picchu. It can be done in a single morning with no drama about arriving. You drive up or arrive on a bus, and just walk right into the gate.

The steps are steep, there are cliffs without guardrails, and you are still in high-altitude conditions. But, it is totally doable and enjoyable with small kids. We didn’t have to carry our kids here at all. They climbed and walked the whole place on their own.

We didn’t have to worry about them being trampled by tourists, and they even had the room to stretch out and play. They genuinely enjoyed these ruins, more than the rest.

Ollantaytambo is a bit like the little sister of the big Inca City. Or maybe the suburbs? It’s the small-town version of Machu Picchu. It comes from the same time period, with similar structures and features. The temples, the terraces, the water canals..they are all mini versions of Machu Picchu. In fact, the complex was created under the same emperor as the Inca city was.

Check out the adventure in our video, the first of its kind for our blog! It has been a long, difficult process to learn how to create a video like this. But, we have finally done it and we are proud to announce it is the first of many!

Enjoy and please give us your feedback below!

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    1. Thank, Jacin! I am really glad you liked the video. We are pretty new to video, we are just learning how to create these. We look forward to doing more soon!

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