We Narrowly Escaped a Volcanic Eruption in Peru!

This is our family…standing ON TOP of the geothermal areas beneath the Sabanacaya Volcano. Parked underneath, hanging out checking out the wonder of nature.
We have just learned that a few hours after we left, this exact volcano exploded sending ashes 11,000 feet into the air!

In the video is the bubbles and steam coming up from the earth when we were there.
Many of the surrounding villages are now coated in ash, but as far as we know there has not been an catastrophic damage or loss of life.
Still, I am beside myself with the irony. So many times I have said in the past week that I have a funny feeling about the volcanoes. I thought it was just in my head because I have been doing the research on the area as part of my writing gigs.
We learned that this very volcano is the one responsible for creating the Colca Canyon some 100 Million years ago.
Even on this day, I had strong inhibitions about us standing on the geothermal areas. I said to the kids…be careful because we just never known what is underneath. Maybe the earth with cave or explode right beneath us.
It was a wonderful learning experience to talk about the age of the earth, the impact of natural disasters, and the comparison of the time that the canyon was created against the time when the dinosaurs lived.
But, today. We are honestly feeling grateful that somehow we missed what could have the ultimate educational experience. Probably one that we would not have been so joyous about.
The first photos are mine, and the following are the photo from the media of the eruption, and finally the pinned location of where we were on the map…and the proximity of the volcano.

6 Replies to “We Narrowly Escaped a Volcanic Eruption in Peru!”

  1. I think you are tuned into serendipity and synchronicity. Given your lifestyle and deep connection to the earth how could you not be.
    Don and I have found this same phenomenon frequently on our travels – that there is some disaster shortly after we leave. A massive land slide devestated Cinque Terre a couple of weeks after we left, a bomb downed a plane in the same air space we flew in a short while before when we went to Egypt, etc. etc. It really makes me think, but mostly it makes me surrender. Glad you’re all safe. xo

    1. Hello, Alison! I never really thought if it like this, but I love your thinking. And, I think you are absolutely right!
      Our first moments abroad were not so lucky when we were caught in the devastating earthquake in Ecuador. Though we were not hurt, we had to relocate and the tragedy was a little too close for our comfort. But, since, the more we travel, the more often we narrowly escape.

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