Meeting a T-rex at the Oropesa Dinosaur Park

Cusco With Kids

Wow, this week has been a whirlwind. We have seen and done so much. It seems like we have a hundred more stories to tell.

We had so many more great hikes and discoveries in the Colca Canyon area. We have been invited to document an upcoming indigenous Easter celebration and homestay in the area, too.


We also celebrated some major accomplishments as a result of our hotel partnership with Arrivedo. We signed our 12th hotel and among them, we visited and wrote about a major luxury hotel with a lot of cowboy flair. It was amazing!

Arrivedo Luxury Hotels

Every day, this lifestyle feels more like our destiny as all of the little pieces come together in what feels like one collaborative high-five from the universe.

It is difficult for me to even decide what to post next because there is so much to share. But, in the end, it all comes back to the kids and if they are thriving in all of this.


Our visit to the Oropesa Dinosaur Park was a big deal for them. Especially for our 3-year-old dino lover, it was pretty much a dream come true. Big sister didn’t seem to mind either and loved the park just as much as him.

Many of the attractions were even created as play equipment. The kids got to slide down the tail of a brontosaurus and stand in the mouth of a T-rex!

It was an incredible family adventure, and all for less than $2!

Cusco With Kids

The Oropesa Dinosaur Park is located just south of Cusco in a grassy area tucked right below the mountains. The scenery is just like a piece of the movie, Jurassic Park. It is really a playground designed for the enjoyment of children. Many of the sculptures are interactive and intended for climbing, but not all of them.

All of the creations were made by a single artist and they come with little placards naming the dinosaurs. It was a great opportunity it for us to learn the names in Spanish.




The park wasn’t busy at all and there was plenty of room for the kids to run from dinosaur to dinosaur. There were snack shops and little stands to buy dinosaur toys. We let the kids purchase tiny eggs about the size of my thumb. They cost about 33 cents each and were a fun little experiment for all of us. We submerged them in water for 24 hours until the rubber dinosaurs inside swelled up and hatched through the eggshells.

Cusco with Kids


We spent about an hour at the park, and it was the perfect stop to break up the drive from Cusco to Rainbow Mountain.



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