The Epic High Altitude Display of Sibinacocha Lake

Frias Family Landcruiser

After a full day of adventures on another memorable road trip in Peru, we made the final ascent past Sibinacocha Lake. It is not too often that we go past the same attraction twice, as we usually continue our way to the next destination.

In the case, our journey through the Inca Road of Qhapaq Ñan was only a day trip. Without a complete loop to take us back to our stay in Sicuani, the only option was to turn around and reverse the journey.

With the views offered by the day trip, no one was disappointed to spend another several hours basking in the scenery. However, it had been a long day and we knew that the drive home would not allow for as many stops as we made on the way up. The windy dirt roads were not a place we wanted to be found after dark or with a change of inclement weather.

It was agreed that we would enjoy the views from the windows without stopping to take more photographs. As on any great adventure, I think these words offer a guarantee that we will indeed see something out of this world and impossible not to photograph.

Just a few moments back on the road, we rose the cusp where the Sibinacocha Lake is cradled. Much to our delight, the lingering clouds from earlier in the day had been chased away to the far edges of the mountain range. The sun cast her rays over the water and the lake shone like a dazzling gem in the sky.

Iced mountains circled the lake, rising above the earth like a crown. It took only a few shots from the window before I insisted that I must get out. I tumbled from the car and stood temporarily stunned by the majestic beauty.

The lake twinkling like the sea, shimmering in colors I thought were owned only by the Mediterranean. In its framework were more white peaks than I could count. From every direction, the snow-covered tips pulled at my eyes vying for my attention. It was impossible to choose the most impressive of them all.

Frias Family Landcruiser


I stood on the dirt road and raised my arms to the side, attempting to stretch myself as far as the views. To my husband and our friend, it was essential that they get out and breathe in this experience. As stunning as the Sibinacocha Lake and the Andes Mountains had been earlier in the day, this experience trumped it 100 fold.

I have always been a lover of lakes and easily impressed by mountains. We have missed several in Peru for varying reasons. But, this place makes up for it. It is like none other and won’t soon be forgotten. The expanse of just a few minutes, it quickly ranked as my favorite place in all of Peru. So far.


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