Swimming in the Colcamayo Thermal Pools 

We have officially lost count of how many thermal pools we have visited. Due to the high volcanic activity of both Ecuador and Peru, it is easy to find public thermal pools all over the place. Our most recent visit was to the Colcamayo thermal pools in Santa Teresa, Peru.

The pools are heated by warm underground water sources that are usually full of natural minerals. For this reason, many locals will have strong beliefs in the healing properties of these waters.

Many of the thermal pools we have visited are only warm at best. But, these pools were nice at toasty with temperatures between 104-111 degrees Fahrenheit. These are also the first pools we have visited that were crystal clear and with a natural sandy and rocky floor.

In recent months, our 5-year-old daughter has come to her own idea that it is time to learn to swim. We love this imposed idea, as we are not trying to force her to learn. The fact that it is her idea, means that she is much more capable of learning.

Of course, children love pools, but warm pools that are like a giant bathtub….means we can literally swim for hours and must beg them to get out when it’s time to leave.

The pools are known as the Colcamayo Springs. They are located in the rural outskirts of the small village of Santa Teresa, about a 30-minute drive outside of the ending trail of Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes.

They are a popular spot for hikers to heal in the waters after their Machu Picchu adventures. It costs about $3 to get in for as long as you want to swim. In the rainy season, they pools close before sunset due to the danger of flooding by the nearby Urubamba River. In the dry season, they are open 24 hours a day.

This video is a small glimpse of our daughter learning to hold her breath and hang out underwater. She loves to show off for the underwater camera and instructs us to record her while she does a little jig!











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