We Made it to the Village of Machu Picchu!!

Yesterday was a long day for us getting to the base of Machu Picchu where the bustling village of Aguas Calientes lies.

It meant starting the day before the sun was up, at 5 am! That is the second time we have done this in a week. We are getting more and more adventurous all the time. After all, we have the world to see and there is no time to waste!

We took a 4.5-hour taxi ride all the way from Cusco to the Machu Picchu Hydro-electrica. This is the very last stop for through traffic on the destination to the Inca City. At this point, anyone who enters farther must do so on foot or by train.

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For us, the train was out of the question, because our dog Dante exceeds the weight limit for dogs allowed on the train.That means the only way in for our family, was to walk alongside the 11 Km of track that leads to the village of Machu Picchu also know as Aguas Calientes (Or, “Hot Waters!”). By the way, 11 Kilometers is nearly 7 miles.

We carried two backpacks with all the stuff that 4 people and a dog need for 3 nights and 4 days. This is the very first time we have done a backpacking trip like this, and boy it was not easy! Carlos wound up carrying the kids most of the way…and when he wasn’t carrying them, he carried my bag!

Luckily, we never got caught in a jungle downpour, although it did mist on us pretty much the whole way. It took a very long 3.5 hours for us to make the 11-mile trek. But, we were so happy to make it before the sun went down!

It was true bliss to check into our incredible tree-house suite at the Rupa Wasi Ecolodge. We were totally crashed by 8 pm! Thanks to our partnership with Arrivedo, we get to relax in style and with an amazing view for 3 nights.

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Today, we got our tickets for tomorrow’s epic adventure to see the ruins of “the Last Inca City”…MACHU PICCHU!

11 Replies to “We Made it to the Village of Machu Picchu!!”

    1. Thank you, Sandy for asking. Unfortunately, our other dog Joey passed away in late October from old age. We miss him very much!

  1. You’re not going to believe this, but just the other day I was looking at a map wondering if a family with children could make that hike! Thanks for your post. One question: why not drive to Machu Picchu Hydro-electrica? It looks like there are some places that will allow multi-day parking.

    1. Hi, Brian. I am so glad that you found our post. πŸ™‚ You can drive to Hydro Electrica, it is a common place for overlanders to leave their cars. It is the last place that a car reaches and there is only a parking lot there, nothing else. But, you can walk up the train depot for lunch and possibly find camping a short while up the train tracks. But, no hotels or multi-day parking beyond the parking lot. For us, we had to take a taxi to the HydroElectrica because our car was in the shop at the time. Otherwise, we have parked there and camped one night before doing the hike.

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