Chasing the Pumapaqcha Waterfalls in the Croplands of Peru

Chasing Waterfalls Through the Croplands of Peru

My husband had his eyes set on this waterfall. He was determined to find it. I was doubtful, but from the drive, I just should have kept my mouth shut. But, I couldn’t help it. What was this Pumapaqcha Waterfall?

As, we thumped through tiny villages and muddy roads…I gave him a side glance and said “Babe, there is no way there is a waterfall here. Do you see any mountains or cliffs? These are just farm lands. There can’t be a waterfall here. Maybe you got some wrong information.”

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But, he just kept driving. We went in several circles, and then he came to a stop in the middle of what seemed like a tractor or a horse road. I giggled with the kids as he walked over to a fence and started hollering back and forth with a kid that was milking his cows.

Then, he took off in the other direction, hand held over his eyes, searching, searching, searching for the Pumapaqcha waterfall hidden somewhere in the yellow, flowering fields.

He came back to the car and pondered if the kid was telling him a joke when he said that the “cataratas” or waterfalls are just over the hill and behind the cows in the pasture.

I laughed some more. At least it wasn’t raining even if it was muddy. And, at least we LOVE farmlands. AND, it would be a good place to stretch our legs. Even if the waterfall was a myth.

So, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to go on a little adventure. We hopped, skipped, and wandered through livestock and crops. The scenery was incredible. It wasn’t long until we came across a little old lady sitting in the field. She confirmed that there was a waterfall nearby. It felt like we were in a storybook, talking to a leprechaun.

We wondered how long we should walk until we declared it a hoax. We happily hummed along, talking to the bees and the cows…and then, all of sudden, just like that…we almost fell right in it! Our toes literally teetered on the edge of the Pumapacqcha Waterfall.

How incredible can it be, that this waterfall flows right through the rural lands BELOW crops and adobe houses. It is just the most spectacular gift of mother nature, and I have never, ever seen anything like it in my life!

Still feeling a bit like we fell into a wonderland hole right along with Alice. Walking a long a log bridge and descending into a grassy knoll at the base of the falls….we spent a long while reflecting on life and expectations.

You just never know what nature holds in her pocket, what surprises are just around the bend. And there is nothing more inspiring in life than discovering that the impossible is VERY possible. Even, if you husband already told you so!

Location: Catarata Pumapaqcha, Ayacucho Province, Peru

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 It was a certainly a special waterfall, can’t say I’ve ever seen one like that before. If all goes as planned, our kids will travel for most of their childhood, if not all of it. 🙂

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