Family Eco Travel in Paracas, Peru

Adventures in Paracas, Peru

Our adventure family recently enjoyed a week in Paracas, Peru. Paracas is a desert beach town on the central coast.

We are a family that loves all sorts of travel. In fact, we are pretty undefined and unable to fit into any of those square boxes.  We are vanlifers, But, not 100% of the time. We love to camp. But, not every night. We love hostels and lodges, and even hotels as well.

We are full-time nomads, but we rarely fly. We’ve never taken a train. We’ve been on a boat twice. Mostly we travel by land. Well, almost always actually.

We love nature and small villages, dirt roads and off the beaten path places. But, we have also learned to love cities. Not many, but a few. Or at least certain parts of them.

One thing that always remains the same. We love Eco Travel. Anyway, anyhow. And we are learning more about it all the time. It pays off to be responsible tourists, meaningful citizens, and passionate travelers.

An Eco Hotel in Paracas

Recently, my travel writing with Arrivedo took us on a new Eco Travel adventure. We got to stay at the renowned Bamboo Paracas Resort Eco Bungalows in Paracas, Peru.

As you can imagine, the decor theme was bamboo. Surprisingly rustic and modern at the same time. The mood was a combination of leisure and adventure. Laze by the pool and in the hammocks. Or, take a leap into kite surfing and paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding in Paracas

It was a really new and different experience for us. We stayed in an eco bungalow, which was a bit like a brand new storage unit. A private suite in the shape of a modern, rectangular box. Complete with adjoining rooms, a hot shower, and satellite TV.

Our outdoor space was bigger than our inside space. It was amazing with turf, bamboo planks, bbq, picnic tables, and lounge chairs. Really cute swinging lanterns and lit walkways.

Bamboo Paracas Resort in Paracas, Peru

The property was right next door to a reserve. We practically had pink flamingos on our doorstep! The beach was quiet and secluded. The water: turquoise and clear as glass.

So wonderful to expand on our knowledge of Eco Travel and to enjoy such a beautiful time during our stay.

Bamboo Paracas Resort Paracas, Peru

Camping in the Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve is a stunning place on the central coast of Peru…and we almost missed it! We were literally on our way out of town, when we took a right turn into this place. All set in our minds to put on sweaters and socks to make our way towards rainy Cuzco.

And, then, they welcomed us in…dog and all! You’d think we would have seen enough desert by now. But, this place is really something special. I am still counting the colors of sand we saw. Still dreaming about those crystal blue waters.

Camping at Playa Yumaque

Something like 7 unique beaches within 15 kilometers. Towering golden, merlot, and charcoal colored cliffs. Sand far and wide as you can see. No buildings, no civilization, and very few people.

We camped and cooked on the bonfire for several nights. And, we were so blissfully disconnected from wifi, electricity and cell service! It was really a dream and I still can’t believe the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life are in PERU!

Playa Roja – Red Beach in the Paracas National Reserve. Peru.

Discovering the Ballesta Islands!

An astounding set of archipelagos off the central coast of PERU!
Never heard of them? Neither had we until we visited the Paracas hotel Bamboo Paracas Resortt during my last writing assignment for Arrivedo. The hotel staff told us all about this stunning location during my hotel interview.

You betcha we jumped at the opportunity and booked a tour to the Islands! These islands are believed to have formed over millions of years. They are full of cliffs, caves, arches, and stone towers that have been carved by both ocean and the famous Paracas winds.

Family Friendly Boat Tours to the Ballesta Islands, Peru

And if the formations weren’t enough, the waters and beaches of this place are breathtaking. Real deal clear, turquoise waters and remarkable red, yellow and black beaches.

The islands were once the perfect hiding place for pirates of the sea. If we could hide away here, sign us up for being Pirates!!

Ballesta Islands near Paracas, Peru

The kids really got a kick out of seeing warm water penguins, sea lions, and all sorts of endemic birds. We even learned that the blue footed booby, said to be only found on the Galapagos Islands…live here, too!

What an unforgettable, unexpected experience this was in Paracas.

Ballesta Island Penguins


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