Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador With Kids in Photos

Our family recently spent about two weeks exploring the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. We had a spectacular time exploring the regions of the Rainforest in the Pastaza and Napo provinces.

We stayed with an indengous family in a bamboo hut, at a lodge with monkeys on our private balcony, and at a bed n breakfast in one of the bigger cities of the Amazon outskirts. The experiences were diverse, complete, and spectactular!

We went net fishing, canoeing in the rainforest, swimming in the rivers, swinging through the canopy, and hiking through rainforest reserves complete with native animals. We tried rainforest grubs, lemon ants, and many other traditional Amazon foods.

Photos of our Family Stay in the indigenous community of Campococha in the Napo Province:

Photos of the Yana Cocha Animal Rescue Center in Puyo:

Photos of Amazon Rainforest Hikes:

Photos from Puerto Misahualli, Napo Province:

























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