8 Magnificent Lakes to Discover in Ecuador

8 Magnificent Lakes to Discover in Ecuador

Fragments of daylight reflect across sparkling cerulean waters, mirroring puffy white clouds and the silhouettes of outstretched, soaring birds of prey. Across the horizon, one lone kayak drifts through glossy ripples in total secluded bliss. The air echoes nothing…but the whistle of the mountain bound winds.

This is the uncharted beauty, the undiscovered splendor of lakeside Ecuador. Framed by the impossible landscapes of volcanoes, mountains, and countryside. Wherever you may roam, the country is full of startling beauty untouched by modern life. Relatively undocumented by mainstream tourism are the incredible lakes that dot this South American country.

We have been awed time and time again as we have breathed in the remarkable and unforgettable imagery of sweet water Ecuador.

Join us in our recollections of the most magnificent lakes we have discovered in Ecuador:

#8. Lagunas de Mojanda.

Location: near Otavalo. Province: Imbabura

#7.  Quilotoa Caldera

Location: near Pujili. Province: Cotopaxi.

#6. Laguna Cuicocha

Location: near Cotacachi. Province: Imbabura.

#5. Laguna de Yaguarcocha

Location: near Ibarra Province: Imbabura


#4. Laguna de Limpiopungo.

Location: Antisana Ecological Reserve near Latacunga. Province: Cotopaxi.

#3. Laguna de Colta

Location: near Riobamba Province: Chimborazo.


#2. Lago de San Pablo

Location: Otavalo Province: Imbabura.

#1. Official Lake name unknown.

Location: El Angel Ecological Reserve near Tulcan. Province: Carchi.

9 Replies to “8 Magnificent Lakes to Discover in Ecuador”

  1. Wonderful photos Stephanie – enough to make me want to go visit all of them. Such gorgeous country! We only went to one lake in Ecuador I think – near Otavalo.

    1. Thank you, Alison! Ecuador is more beautiful everyday! There are so many lakes near Otavalo…but, probably the most popular in tourism is Cuichocha 🙂

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