Inti Raymi Festival in Photos

Inti Raymi Festival in Photos

“Inti is the Goddess of the Sun, as celebrated by the Quechua tradition as long ago as the 15th century. The Quechua indigenous are direct descendants of the Inca, and today still make up as many as 2.5 Million people in Ecuador. Incredibly, the ancient culture and civilization survived the brutality and slavery that engulfed the nation when the lands were infiltrated by the Spanish conquistadors.

Many of the costumes that adorn these colorful people were influenced by the fabrics, dyes, and jewelry that arrived in the country with the Spaniards. The attire is not reserved for holidays and celebrations, but is still worn every day. If beauty ever meets function, the subculture has figured it out. These multi-generational families spend all their time adorned in the artisanal masterpieces, even as they work the fields in their traditional agricultural lifestyle.” This is an excerpt from our travel story about this festival.  You can read it here!

Inti Raymi Festival, Cayambe, Ecuador

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  1. Wonderful photos Stephanie. The costumes and characters seem very similar to those we saw from the Quechua in Peru – in Ollantaytambo and Puno.

    1. Thank you! From what I understand, there were costumes from the Quechua in both Peru and Bolivia. I definitely recognize the hats in your photos from a small group in the parades!

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