Weekly Skyscanner Flight Deals for UK, USA and Canada

Weekly Skyscanner Flight Deals July 7, 2017 for UK, USA, and Canada!

It’s hard to say where the better flight deals are this week! The competition is fierce! From the UK…get ready for an adventure to Barcelona, Marseilles, or Dubai! In you reside in the USA: pack your bags for stellar deals to Iceland, Rome, Copenhagen, or London…just to name a few! And Canada, we didn’t forget you!  Now is a great time to make plans for Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, and Vegas. Or for a little more, head to New Delhi, Amsterdam, or Paris!

Don’t forget, these are weekly deals! They won’t last long. These prices are good for the week or until they sell out…whichever comes first! If these places are what you’ve been dreaming of, don’t hesitate to book the best deals now.

If you didn’t know, Skyscanner works by comparing the best deals from all major online booking companies. Using Skyscanner saves you the hassle of comparison shopping by doing all of the hard work for you. No preference for any particular company, and no added on fees either! I personally love this feature…less work, more travel! Yay!



Last Minute Flight Packages from 283 Pounds

Packages are prices that include both flight and accommodations.

Head to Barcelona for one week for 487 Pounds per person! Last minute booking for the final week of July only!

Or Marseilles for 283 Pounds per person, leaving in less than 2 weeks!

Even better? Take the whole family to Dubai for a 2 weeks stay starting in mid August for 2950 Pounds. Prices reflect booking for a family of four.


Round Trip Flight Deals from from $100-400!

To Copenhagen, Paris, Rome, London, and Iceland for between $300-400!

Or to Miami, Dallas, or Denver for $100-150!



Seat Sales for Round Trip International Flights from July-October

Fly to the Cayman Islands, Vegas, or Hawaii in the $400-500 range.

Or to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, or New Delhi in the $700 bracket.

Plus, many, many more destinations!


Not quite what you were looking for?

Check out Skyscanner’s SEARCH EVERYWHERE feature, to find the best flight for your destination!

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