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Support Us

We are both and stunned and delighted to learn of the desire from others to help us on our journey. In recent times we have received numerous emails from our readers, asking us how they can support our blog and our traveling lifestyle.

First and foremost, thanks to each of you for your support and generosity!

Indeed, there are numerous ways for our readers to contribute to the success of our blog and to our quest to show our children the world. We encourage you to select any method that you deem most appropriate for your desire to support our family.

1.  Monetary Donations

We have now set up a secure paypal account to receive cash donations. Here you can safely and instantly send us money to a bank account that is accessible to us during our travels. With paypal, our readers do have the option to send money anonymously.

To give an example of how money affects our travel life, please take into consideration our lifestyle expenses. On average, we aim to spend between $300-500 a month in total. This means approximately $10-15 a day. This amount accounts for food, gas, and camping fees. It also includes minor car repairs, occasional clothing replacement, homeschool supplies for our children, family medical care and dog care.  A little money goes a very long way for us, as we are budget travelers. We truly appreciate any dollar that aids us in our daily life.

2. Book Travel & Flights with Us on Skyscanner

We are ambassadors for Skyscanner. If you book car rentals, flights, or hotels through our links with Skyscanner we gain points that accrue towards travel perks and potentially cash for our family. Usually, you can find some pretty amazing deals on Skyscanner as it is a travel search engine that compares all major booking companies to find the cheapest price on any of them. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to book through us, but it has the potential to help us out a lot! You can check out the Skyscanner site here.

3. Buy Our Photos on Shutterstock

We are contributors for Shutterstock. This means that we have a portfolio of photographs available for purchase or download. You can buy a membership to Shutterstock, or make a digital or print purchase of our photographs. These photos can be used for anything like desktop backgrounds, photo prints, and website design. We get paid a commission when you sign up or make a purchase. You can view our portfolio here.

4. Get Your Website Hosted with SiteGround

We recently upgraded our website to a self-hosted dot com by SiteGround. We were terrified of making this move, with no knowledge of coding, design or any of that fancy web stuff. It was pretty scary to move a year of blog posts to a new place, too. In the end it was fairly painless and we are so glad that we chose to go with SiteGround. If you are looking to buy a domain name and web hosting, we highly recommend SiteGround. If you do end up choosing this company, you can register through our affiliate link and we get paid a pretty nice referral commission! You can do that here.

5. Shopping on Amazon
We are also affiliates with When you make a purchase after clicking through on one of our ads, we earn a small commission. Once again, this does not ever cost you more money than if you were to go directly to Amazon outside of our website. But, you can help us to earn a little extra cash when you buy something after you have clicked on our link. These are some of our favorite Amazon products:

*Scratch Off World Map Poster with US States and Country Flags, Track Your Adventures. Includes Scratcher and Memory Stickers, Perfect for Travelers, By Earthabitats(TM)

*World Travel Map Pin Board – Modern Slate

*Shop Amazon Devices – Introducing the All-New Fire Tablets Starting at $49.99



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