Weekly Skyscanner Deals June 9, 2017

Don’t miss out on all of these super, special prices for my friends traveling from the USA, Canada, and the UK!

So, where do you want to go my American friends?! I spy some super deals to Cancun, Copenhagen, Ft. Lauderdale, Ontario, New Orleans, and Las Vegas!!

Don’t believe me? All of these for between $46 and $297!!

Check them out –>USA: Weekly Flight Deals

To all of you lovelies in the UK, It looks like it’s time to hit the beach!

Where do you want to go for under 30 Pounds?! Too many destinations to name them all, but how about Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool, or Glasgow to name a few!

Take a Closer Look –> UK: Beach Holidays For Less than 30 Pounds

And finally, for my favorite Canadians, Let’s start planning for some fun in August!

Honestly the sky is the limit on these international deals! I honestly don’t know how you will pick your favorite place!

But, cheapest on the list are flights to the USA, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bermuda, and Bahamas!!

Start Booking Now –> Canada: Cheapest Places to Fly to in August


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