March 2, 2016

We have been in Quito, Ecuador for 5 days!
We had a few minor hiccups in our travel here but nothing too major. Mostly a lot of delays related to the dogs and a little discomfort for Peanut. She caught a cold in the middle of the night on the night before our flight. She cried through some the ascents/descents on the plane due to her ears popping painfully with her cold. Otherwise, she slept the majority of our 8 hours on the plane.
Monkey traveled like a champ, no notable issues and of course he managed to charm anyone who looked his way!

Since our arrival, we have managed only minimal excursions. A few quick trips to the park and the fruit market. But, for the most part we have been plagued with a combination of Altitude Sickness and the terrible cold that surfaced in Chicago.
With any luck at all, we’ll be past the illness in a few days and back on our toes… to keep exploring this strange, new world!

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